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All classes are currently online via Zoom until further notice: 

Booked as a package of 4 classes and the recordings available for 6 days so you are

able to practice the following week.£30.00


As an advanced certified Hatha Yoga teacher, and a Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner. I created Creative Yoga Motion to make Yoga accessible to all. Providing gentle Hatha yoga poses with  slow mindful Somatic movements, a neuromuscular  practice which enhances movement awareness. I teach the science of Somatics in your yoga practice, bringing greater knowledge to the mind, body and breath connection. Through this deeper understanding I help each individual to gain confidence in their ability to explore a greater range of movement. These sequences consider the internal awareness of the movement and not the end result of the pose. Each flow of movement taking you through a journey of mindful awareness, encouraging you to let go of the belief that the process is difficult. Creative Somatic Yoga classes are suitable for every'Body' taking into consideration your uniqueness.