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Somatic Movement Workshop





Do you suffer from back pain? Do you have tight tense muscles that restrict your movement.? Would you like to regain your natural freedom of movement? During this workshop we will be exploring the body's response to stress and how it affects our posture, learning gentle movements that restore the balance of sensing the way our brain controls the muscles and improving your range of movement, releasing muscular pain and restoring vitality, putting the spring back in your step This is a neuroscience-based workshop in the teaching tradition of Thomas Hanna (1928-1090) Founder of Hanna Somatics a neuromuscular education, which will  reveal a greater awareness of the way you are controlling your muscles, both when contracting and slowly controlling the release of them before fully relaxing, this process Thomas Hanna called Pandiculation. It is the process we use to release Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) This is incredibly beneficial for anyone who has muscular tightness causing pain.

The benefits of these movements improve posture, release tightness, tension, from your body giving you greater freedom to live a full & active life.

Please bring a yoga mat. Wear comfortable clothes for movement on the floor.

Booking essential. Payment by Paypal.
For further details or inquiries about your particular mobility concerns please feel free to Tel Maria 07795999760   or email 



If you are a desk worker this workshop is for you.

If your posture is changing as you age this workshop is for you.

When you connect the mind to muscles the myth of ageing and bad posture will be a thing of the past. Act now and gain the benefits of Somatic Movement, so instead of bad posture and reduced movement, you can renew the bounce in your step and enjoy life to the full.


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