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3 Movement Awakening Workshops.

Friday 24th & Saturday 25th June

Friday 9.45-12.00 & 6.45-9.00

Chair based 12.30-1.30

Saturday 9.45- 12.00

Old School Hall,


Nr. Montgomery.

SY15 6LQ

These Movement Awakening Workshops will explore the movement that may be hidden away in your body by discovering the 4 basic dimensions of fascia (our connective tissue) Somatic Movement & Gentle Somatic Yoga. Bringing you an embodied practice experience.

Embodied movement brings us back into our body. An embodied practice is a method of using the unique sensations of our body as a tool to develop awareness, stay present, self regulate, feel whole, find balance feel connected know yourself, love yourself and be empowered. We use these practices to shift the way we move, breathe, think, and live.It allows us to feel with all of our senses, and it sharpens our awareness through the mind-body connection. This type of mindful movement creates the space for play and for curiosity. And through this conscious movement, coordinated with the breath we are able to align mind, body, and spirit.

If you do not have a Paypal account please email to book and bank details.

Thank you, Maria


''Celebrate your body's aliveness,  power, beauty and pleasure. Feel your edges and welcome your grace and the grit of this one magnificent life''. @bemovedbylife Camille Barrios


If you are experiencing muscular pain, tightness and stiffness in your body, causing you pain in your daily movements the practice of Somatic Movement and Fascia reviving will give you a greater understanding of how to repattern your movement habits that may be the cause of your pain. They are the secrets of pain relief.

For further information and queries about these workshops please Tel. Maria 07795999760 or email:

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