Creative Yoga Motion lessons are now only available in the Facebook closed members group

 'Unique Somatics and Mindful Yoga' while I take a break from teaching during December & January. The cost is £40.00 If you would like to join the Facebook group please contact me by messenger for details. Maria 

Online Classes were created so I could continue to bring the same benefits of Somatic gentle yoga for you to have an at home practice during the Coronavirus pandemic. I have made the decision to continue to teach online and feel it is the most responsible way forward for us to continue to feel safe and protected.

The choice of your home practice maybe through a live zoom class or a Facebook closed group, where you will experience the power of positivity and gentleness.During December and over the Christmas and New year period Recordings of classes will only be available in the Private Members Facebook group.

Please contact me to join the group. Maria 

Monday Chair Somatic & Mindful Movement £5.50 You will need to sit on firm straight-backed chair with no arms  in front of your device.  The height of your chair should allow you to have your thighs parallel to the floor, with your feet flat on the floor. Each class will include :

Awareness and observation of your breath, to bring a sense of calm and releasing tension.
There will be sequences of Somatic Movements, learning the benefits of Pandiculation and creative mindful yoga movements, both seated and standing supported by the chair.

The class will finish with a time of relaxation. 

Tuesday 10.00-11.00am & Wednesday 7.00-8.00pm

These classes will be sequences of Somatic Movement based on Thomas Hanna's Hanna Somatics, James Knight Gentle Somatic Yoga, mindful gentle Hatha yoga, breath awareness and relaxation. Please acknowledge during a zoom mat class I cannot see you clearly. If you have any health concerns that affect your movement please email me with this information. Please  tune into your body with loving kindness during your practice, use variation of movements that are suitable for your unique body,  and those that you have been made aware of in your face to face class. I will guide you to the best of my ability, however, you are totally responsible for taking take of yourself.

Facebook Live class you will need to email: for an invitation to the Closed Group on Facebook. The Live Class will take place on Wednesday 10.00-11.00am this will be saved to the page for 4 days to give you the opportunity to fit it into your new schedule of living. Please book & pay on Tuesday prior to the class and  you will be invited to the group.

Monday 10.30-11.30 am 

Tuesday 10.00-11.00am

Wednesday 7.00-8.00pm 

Facebook Group

practice anytime, any day to suit your daily routine.

Disclaimer. Please  acknowledge, you must accept complete responsibility for your own safety and only move within your own individual range of movement and where you feel you need to use a variation to suit your unique body please be guided by your own intuition. Your skill of listening not only to my guidance in directing you but also to your own inner yes of knowing that if it feels right then it probably is right. As many of you know I do not 'do' the movements for you to copy. You are exploring your own experience and focusing on the internal sensation of the movement and not the outward appearance of any posture. I can in no way be held responsible for accidents or injuries.  Should you have any health concerns, questions or queries please email me and I will do all I can to assist you. Thank you, Maria 

Creative Yoga Motion Founder,  Maria Zervas. Advanced certified, registered yoga teacher & Somatic Practitioner. A-RYT. BSY. AHCP. GSY. ESEC. Maria has been teaching, Hatha Yoga, Gentle Somatic Yoga & Somatic education workshops, plus weekly classes throughout the year, and leading regular retreats in the UK and in Europe for the last 7 years. Specialising in gentle flowing mindful movement with awareness, suitable for every'Body'. 'The Power of Gentleness'