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Weekly Creative Yoga Motion Classes

Creative Yoga Motion was designed to make yoga accessible to everyone.

Whatever, your ability, mobility, age or gender you are most welcome to join us for a taster of any class. 

Taster session £5.00

3 continuous classes £20.00

5 continuous classes £30.00 in advance.

Drop-in £7.00

It is preferable that you pay in advance to indicate the numbers attending and reserves you place should attendance be high on the week you arrive. 

I would like to introduce Lynette Reid Pierce. Somatic Movement Coach, Yoga & Pilates Teacher. SMEC.BSY.CYM

Lynette will be teaching Creative Yoga Motion classes commencing December during the period Maria takes time for a travelling sabbatical. Contact for Lynette during this time:

Tel.07707 585555 Email:


       Llandyssil Old School.

    Nr. Montgomery SY15 6LQ


         Monday 10.30-11.30 am



Creative Yoga Motion week commences with a 'Young at Hearts' Somatic Yoga & movement with awareness. Designed for those want to stay mobile and increase their range of movement, We have students are in their 80s & 90s. The class commences with Chair yoga seated movements followed by balancing postures and movements standing & supported by the chair if needed. Those that are happy do movements on the mat do so with adaptions for those who are happier on a chair. Variation is an essential of life.


       Llandyssil Old School.

    Nr. Montgomery SY15 6LQ


Tuesday 10.00-11.00am

Wednesday 7.00-8.00pm


Mixed ability classes. Suitable for every'Body.' Exploring gentle Hatha poses and Somatic movement sequences, with acceptance of one's own knowledge of limitations of movement and gaining confidence and curiosity to explore a new range of movement, breathing techniques and inspired relaxation/guided meditation. Classes vary from week to week exploring variations of movement flows.

Welshpool Methodist Church SY21 7JP

Tuesday 7.00-8.00 pm

An enthusiastic class exploring Somatic movement and gentle Hatha yoga with an open mind to discover more mind/body knowledge and improve range of movement, developing a deeper awareness of mind, body and breath connection. New students always welcome as every class considers the uniqueness of each individual person.



 Unique Somatics

Llandyssil Old School

Tuesday 10.00-11.00am

This class will not be just an exercise class. We will be exploring how your breath can enhance your movement or block it. Based on the teachings of Thomas Hanna Founder of Hanna Somatics. Please bring a large blanket to place over your mat for a larger floor area to move on comfortably.

We will look at your posture and responses to your movement patterns. Patterns that may be holding muscle tension, stiffness and pain in your body. Suitable for anyone with back, shoulder concerns and wanting to improve your suppleness and range of movement. We will also be exploring Nueromovement based on Anat Baniel's teaching (Feldenkrais) also Ruthie Alon and other movement practitioners and educators. You will be invited to move with fluidity, stability, creativity and also self-expression. During our time of relaxation, we will be inviting positive affirmations to balance mind, body and spirit.

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