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Simple or Sensational Solutions

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Simple or sensational solutions? It is often our nature to look too hard for a solution to a problem, back pain, shoulder stiffness and wanting someone to fix the problem because we have either forgotten to listen to what our bodies are saying to us. We want someone else to give us a sensational result by doing something to us. However, learning the principle of Pandiculation, gives us an amazing tool that will teach you take back control of your own muscles. So often a movement problem is only looked at as a local issue, eg. pain in the knee, knee exercises are given. The knee does not move on its own, if you move any part of your body it affects another part of your body. Is it time to get to know your body and realise there maybe a simple solution to assist you to move out of pain and stiffness. Somatic movements bring us back to our internal landscape where we can feel what is happening in the body. ''If you can feel it you can sense it, if you can sense it you can change it.''

Thomas Hanna

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