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Sunday Somatic & Sound Sanctuary

Somatic Movement


Gong Bath Experience

Sunday 28th November 2.30-4.00pm


Marton Village Hall,

Nr. Welshpool. SY21 8JT

Somatic Movement

Experience delivered


Maria Zervas


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Tom Stacey

Somatic movement restores and increases motion and movement beginning with the center of the body and  and moving out to the rest of the body. Through the practice of somatic movement, our brain and body are more connected and integrated. Changes are made to the length of tight muscles. This new length in the muscles can change your posture and movement possibilities. By helping you pay more attention to areas of tightness or discomfort in your body, gentle somatic exercises can teach you how to make changes in your movement habits and posture, which may also help to release muscular pain.


Gong baths are highly rejuvenating for the body and bring about an overall sense of relaxation, which can reduce stress as well as help develop a better ability to cope with stress, help move emotional blocks from trauma.

The Gong 's sounds and vibrations have a wonderful effect on the brain and the body. They move us from awake ( Betsa ) state to a more relaxed and calm (Alpha) state, then on to a restful (Theta) state and finally to a deep meditation (Delta) state.

Gong vibrations cause the brain, heart and respiratory rates to slow down and increase the release of melatonin, endorphin and dopamine chemicals that are linked to feelings of expanded mental clarity.

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